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123I like our prime minister Jibby LOL


The collective stupidity of Facebook

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I am disgusted by your politicizations, false accusations, speculations and false “reporting” on everything that happened. If you are one of those, you should be publicly shamed.

For those rely on Facebook for information, I have a bad news for you.

Rice terraces and photography

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Manila is an interesting place,
tho it reminds me how I used to mind my steps over old kepong’s dog shits
Strange thing is it was anjing kurap’s shit I was avoiding,
in Manila it was some nice looking dogs.
But I guess it feels the same if you happened to step on it.

Anyway our main reason to go to Philippines is the rice terraces:
This is shot in Batad village where it is unaccessible by any transportation (except by foot).

We didnt take a lot of photos, just like in our previous trip.
Well, first I am terrible in photography.
Second, I am not a man with a lot of patience,
I would rather move on to see stuffs than stay to take a lot of pictures.

Since we are not good with the camera,
We have decided to take more photos with people in it
(Because it is pointless to take scenery one):
Fried chicken built a house.

teve Holt!

My Hall and a little bit of Bangladeshi parody.


Note to self: I shall always be reminded to take more photos with people in it.

Ah, interesting peeps we seen along the way:
Angmoh with female filipino companion. A LOT of these kinds.
A french couple which we speculate that they are not really couple. Maybe just friends.
A LOT of other angmoh couples, who seemed to be interested in us.
A canadian old lad who told us a lot of his life stories, who also revealed to us what might be in those angmoh’s mind:
They’ve been struggled to guess our nationality.

And of course filipino that are very bersopan-santun, from my point of view.

So the trip to Philippines was satisfying, tho I did not find 关公像 in the Hall of Justice.

History repeat itself?

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There was a time where letters, newspapers, magazines and cars are blamed basically for the loss of human conversation blah blah bla..

Well what can I say, maybe a hundred years later someone might look at our comments and say “Hey they are sooo cute!!!” just like how I lmao over these comments.

I guess history always repeat itself. We’ll just have to adapt to new technologies.

Why didnt we see any quantum effects?

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The answer is “we are not sure, yet.”

It’s almost a century since the birth of Schrodinger Equation-the equation that tells us how things move if they are really small.

But there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding quantum mechanics. For example, quantum mechanics made a lot of predictions that can only be seen under very extreme circumstances. And as such, we don’t see these “quantum effects” everyday. See the link below for a famous quantum cat.


This is the question that I asked myself when I decided to take a Phd in physics a year ago. I still ask myself this now and then, and get confused. I hope 4 years efforts could bring me closer to the answer.

Turning the tides

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Election fever

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The lesser of two evils is not an angel.


People with different political allegiance is not your enemy.


Casting a vote doesn’t make you a hero. It means you want to make a difference.


Everyone need to go back to life after this fever. Don’t let this kill us.


Then a rootbeer.


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